• Dr. Michael Cocozziello (Chiropractor)

What are trigger points?

Trigger points are specific and predictable points in skeletal muscles which can produce localised and/or referred pain. Trigger points not only produce pain but can also reduce a joint’s range of motion and cause persistent tightness.

They often result after injury and other causes of pain and are thought to be a protective mechanism. Trigger points often remain long after an injury has passed and are very good at mimicking other pain conditions.

How are they treated?

Trigger points can be treated through a variety of ways, one of the most direct and time efficient being dry needling. This is where acupuncture needles are inserted through the skin to penetrate a trigger point and are left in the point for minutes at a time.

What often results is a localised “twitch response” and a following decrease in tenderness or referral pain from the trigger point, an increase in range of motion and a reduced sensation of stiffness.

Do you offer dry needling?

Yes we do. Motion Therapy & Rehabilitation offers dry needling at no additional cost and is often used as an adjunctive treatment.

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